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Why River Cruising Is Best For A Company Team Building

Why River Cruising Is Best For A Company Team Building Looking for an idea for your next company outing? Hop on a river cruise with your team and have a […]

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Romantic Cruises At Night In Melbourne

Imagine cruising on the waves of the Yarra river with your loved one as the soft wind blows through your hair. Just you and your partner under the mellow moonlight […]

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What To Expect On A River Cruise In Melbourne?

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” But when in Melbourne CBD, taking the iconic Yarra river cruise is a must. Melbourne is known for a lot of things […]

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The Benefits Of Taking A River Cruise In Melbourne

Be it Melbourne’s picturesque gardens or its contrasting scenery, everything comes to life when seen through a cruise. You can ditch the busy road and breathe a sigh of relief […]

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What Makes City River Cruises Enjoyable?

It’s no surprise that city river cruises are fast becoming an integral part of the country’s tourism sector. Trust us – the comfort, luxury, and convenience offered by one will […]

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Your Bottomless Cocktail Experience At Yarra River Cruises

The combination of gentle waves, cool breeze, and a refreshing mojito is to die for! And with the Yarra river cruises offering bottomless cocktail events throughout the year, engaging in […]

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Discover And Book Your Ideal Bottomless Brunch In Melbourne

Discover And Book Your Ideal Bottomless Brunch In Melbourne Hands down, one of the best ways to experience Melbourne is by taking an ideal bottomless brunch cruise on the Yarra […]

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Bottomless Brunch On The Water! 2hr Yarra River boat Cruises Available

Picture this – you’re on a big red boat, no land in sight, just rising and falling crystal blue waves of the Yarra River. You have your best friends to […]

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The Best Bottomless Brunch You Can Experience

While breakfast is an excellent way to start the day and lunch helps to keep you fuelled up so you can take on what the rest of the day has […]

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