Why River Cruising Is Best For A Company Team Building

River Cruising For A Company Team Building | Yarra River Cruises

Why River Cruising Is Best For A Company Team Building

Looking for an idea for your next company outing? Hop on a river cruise with your team and have a fun day out! 

Although a cruise trip can be a somewhat pricey endeavor, we can ensure that it is worth it. Getting away from work is a great way to boost team morale and bonding. And there are numerous options in Australia where people can simply come and spend quality time together.

In this guide, we’ve detailed the benefits of river cruising for a company team building and what activities you can perform there, which will help you plan the event better. So, without further ado, let’s jump in!


Benefits Of A Corporate Boat Cruise


1. Creating A Fun Team Building Experience

Corporate cruises are great if you’re looking for a unique team-building experience. People get the opportunity to step away from the office and connect with co-workers with whom they were looking to bond outside the workspace. 

Whether you’ve new additions to your team or want to build better relations with existing members, this allocated team building session can work wonders.

River cruises allow internal teams to mingle freely across a large vessel and chat comfortably. Plus, people can casually share significant insights regarding a project by sitting on a comfy chair and with a glass of wine glass in hand. In other words, people aren’t made to feel like they’re in a corporate meeting and they can enjoy great music and beautiful scenery with their colleagues.

Apart from that, river cruises allow an opportunity to participate in several great activities for team building. Activities like a scavenger hunt, finding a buried treasure, and others are great ways for co-workers to get to know each other.


River Cruising For A Company Team Building | Yarra River Cruises


2. Knowing A Client

A corporate river cruise is also a perfect fit if you need an outing to connect and impress your clients. By booking a cruise, you’re showing value and commitment directly to the clients in an easygoing and fun setting that lets you connect on an individual level. 

And trust us, it’s the best of both worlds. Establishing an authentic relationship with the clients is the basis of a respectful, trusting and long-lasting business relationship. 


3. Increasing Team Morale

Sometimes, things like heavy workload or a toxic workplace environment, can cause an evident dip in the team’s morale. It often leads to a decline in their overall performance, which affects the company revenues. 

However, employees can take a break from their daily grind and get their minds refreshed through team-building activities. It’s proven that experiences like these are refreshing and bring a positive outlook amongst employees regarding their everyday work. As a result, they get more focused on completing their day-to-day tasks and also motivate others to work hard. 

Everyone leaves the cruise feeling more valued, supported and connected. Now, let’s discuss which team building activities you can perform on a river cruising to be better prepared when you plan one. 


Fun Team Bonding Events On A River Cruise 

Retreats are a great way to value and reward the employees as well as arrange opportunities for team building. These retreats allow them to connect on a personal level, which creates a relationship of trust and support. 

As a result, it creates resonance among team members, and they can work in harmony with one another, resulting in increased overall productivity. So, here’s a list of fun team bonding activities you can organise on a river cruise. 


1. Product Launch

Launching your new product on a cruise can be a great way of promoting it as well as make for a team bonding outing.  Celebrating a milestone on the water creates a lot of buzz around the launch and can definitely appeal to your customers and make the employees feel valued.


2. Mental Treasure Hunt

Your river cruise might not be big enough to use as a hiding place for a scavenger hunt. So, you can plant several mental puzzles or brain teasers for teams of 3-4 people (it may vary according to your overall employee strength). 

The members have to work together to make their way to the final spot, and the team that makes it first should be rewarded. This activity aims at enhancing understanding and collaboration between team members. 


3. Personality Differences

Each team member is provided with a personality quiz or test in this activity, which they must complete before boarding the cruise. On the cruise, the facilitator explains a particular personality to the team, and they will need to guess the person. The main idea behind this is to get the members to understand the personalities of each other. 

Discussing what demotivates or motivates a particular personality fosters understanding and teamwork amongst the colleagues, which makes it a popular team bonding session.


4. Solving A Problem

The facilitator will first divide the employees into teams and provide each with a problematic scenario, which they need to solve. Or, you can assign the same problem to all teams and the one solving it faster wins. Alternatively, you can divide the activity into stages, where a team proceeds to the next stage after finding a solution to a particular problem. 

It is an excellent way to foster understanding and cooperation between employees and their ability to deal with problems together. 


Final Words

Private cruises are great options for corporate outings, as they are fully customisable to the needs of our team. Whether you need a wide selection of beverages, a weekday time slot or a delicious lunch on board, they’ve got all covered. 

But whenever you plan to take your team on such an outing, ensure each of the members is on board with the plan, and get a note of their preferences. And then discuss those with the rental service to develop a plan. 

We hope this provides you with an opportunity to establish valuable connections with your coworkers. With this, it’s a wrap. Goodbye and take care!

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