Enjoy The View Of Melbourne On A Lunch Cruise

Enjoy Your Lunch Cruise and View of Melbourne

If there’s anything better than the Yarra river, it’s a lunch cruise atop its blue waters.

No matter if it’s a romantic date with your loved ones or a hen’s party, there’s no good reason why you should miss out on this experience. That’s why several boat rental companies in the city provide customers with the best packages at reasonable prices.

Sounds intriguing, right? Then read out to find more about what you can expect on this thrilling (read delicious) adventure. Dive in!


What Is A Lunch Cruise All About?

A lunch cruise on the famous Yarra river in Melbourne provides you with the unique experience of soaking in the beauty of the city with a scrumptious lunch. Whether you’re looking to treat your partner to a luxurious day out or planning a hangout with friends and family, these lunch cruises can come to the rescue.

There are many lunch cruise (Melbourne) services that you can choose from, depending on your requirements. For example, some cruises may serve buffet lunches, while others may customise the menu according to the meal preferences of you and your guests. The best part is that both these cruises can be booked for intimate lunches or parties. 

You may even be able to choose between different options like catamaran ships, glass boats, Danish tall ships, etc. Each of them has varied passenger capacities and accessibilities. And you would want to know about the latter if your guest list includes people with limited mobility.


What To Expect On A Melbourne Lunch Cruise?

The best lunch cruises are the ones that resemble a fine-dining setup with formal seating arrangements and a top-notch waiting service. 

If you have opted for a buffet service, then you will either be served the courses one after the other on the table. Or, it may be a help-yourself service! But in case of an ala-carte lunch, the dishes are almost always served on the table.

Nevertheless, you can get an idea about the menu on the official website of the cruise service you plan to opt for. Alternatively, you can get  in touch with the customer service team to know more about the lunch service. From assorted selections of meat and seafood to exotic vegetables and lip-smacking desserts, you will find it all.

It will also be a good idea to ask them about exceptions, especially if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients on the menu.

However, lunch cruises aren’t only about the food, as they facilitate a clear view of the stunning surroundings of the Yarra River and the city line. The open decks are a great way to bask in the afternoon sun while admiring the beauty of the city, or you can get atop the deck to experience the cool breeze of the river.

Some cruises may also have a guide who will walk you through the local history and marine life of the river. And you can get a chance to speak to the Captain and get an insight into the operation of the cruise. How cool is that!


Enjoy Your Lunch Cruise and View of Melbourne


What To Bring On A Lunch Cruise?

Since most lunch cruises last for only a couple of hours, you don’t need to carry a lot of things. However, here are a few essentials that will come in handy during your day out:

     1. Camera

There’s no doubt that you’d want to capture the beauty as well as the memories created on-board. So, don’t forget to pack your camera and sufficient batteries. Trust us – there’s nothing worse than your camera running out of power just when you’ve found the right pose!

     2. Medication

Although the cruise may be stocked with a first-aid kit and emergency medicines, you should carry your regular medications, if any. Additionally, you can keep some anti-nausea medications handy, especially if you’re prone to seasickness or haven’t been on a cruise before.

     3. Layers

If the timing of your lunch cruise extends beyond sunset, especially in winters, then we’d suggest carrying some light layers to keep warm and comfortable in the cold after sundown.

     4. Power Backup

Your phone will be the only connection between you and the land, so we’d strongly recommend keeping power back-up to keep it charged. Some cruises may also facilitate complimentary or chargeable Wi-Fi service, so check for it once you get on board.

Bottomless Brunch 

If you intend to spend an early afternoon on the Yarra river with a wide range of cocktails, drinks and food, then you can also check the bottomless brunch options. These 2-hour long cruises are perfect for both small and large groups who want to make the most of their day out in Melbourne.

The cruise may even have floating or open bars with a knowledgeable and friendly staff who will make you some of the best drinks in Melbourne. So, whether you’re looking for a single gin and tonic or something more adventurous like a cold glass of citric breeze, trust them to make your day special!

That said, such cruises tend to have some rules in place, especially in terms of ordering the food and drinks. For example, you may only be allowed a new drink after you’ve completed the current one. So, go through the rules well in advance to avoid any trouble.

Final Words

So, are you ready to make that all-elusive reservation on the best lunch cruise?

But before you do, here are some pro tips: always pay adequate attention to the safety instructions on-board and stick to them. And if the cruise requires you to follow any specific dress code, then plan your outfit accordingly. 

Lastly, ensure that you and your guests reach the pickup point within time to, well, avoid being left out.  

On that note, it’s time for us to wrap up. See you next time, mate!

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