Why A Yarra River Cruise Is The Best Option For A Wedding Anniversary?

Why Is The Yarra River Cruise Best For A Wedding Anniversary

Come on board the luxury cruise and let the magic of eternity unfold upon the waters of the Yarra River and celebrate your wedding anniversary.

A milestone celebration needs to be special and what can be more special than a scenic cruise on the crown of Melbourne. Celebrate your special day on a luxurious boat charter with a city view set as a background on the waters of the peaceful Yarra.

Our crew at Yarra River Cruises will help you set an event that will stay etched in your memories and be unforgettable for the years to come. With finger-licking food to excellent music to set the mood right, our anniversary boat cruises will amaze you.


Yarra River Cruise 

Wedding anniversaries are a reminder of love, commitment, and eternity. They carry momentos of devotion and togetherness while holding onto the commitments of the future. This special occasion requires something special, like an anniversary cruise.

All anniversaries are worth celebrating, but some surely need a hint of luxury on the lavish waters of Melbourne. So, why not celebrate your milestone at the crown of Melbourne, the Yarra River? We at Yarra River Cruises will be happy to help you!

With years of industry experience, our excellent staff has been trained to provide the best experience for your special events. So hop on the private haven with your beloved in sight on the Yarra River cruise.

The Yarra River cruise offers a spectacular view of the city where you can gaze into your beloved’s eyes while enjoying a nice ride. The perfect way to celebrate the day is by hiring a private boat charter and enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner under the blanket of stars.


What Do We Offer? 

With Yarra River Cruises, you’re never out of options. From hens night to birthday parties, from wedding cruises to other special events, we offer the dazzling beauty of the Yarra River on our Melbourne river cruises.

To make your special event special, our Melbourne river cruises offers exciting and romantic gateways that you can explore on board. From finger food to endless booze, our services are catered to provide the best to your friends and family.

Our cruise floats down the serene waters of the Yarra River and provide excellent views of the city’s landmarks. Here’s what you get by opting Yarra River Cruises.


1.  Bottomless Cocktail Cruise

Are you up for an adventurous, booze-filled anniversary cruise? Our 2 hour Bottomless Cocktail Cruise aims to provide you just that! Bring on endless fun with carefully selected cocktails to make your day memorable.

From pina coladas to sex on beach, our drinks are top-notch and catered to meet all your expectations. Amazing speakers with a great collection of music will set your world ablaze.


2. Bottomless Brunch Cruise

Call on your loved ones to our Bottomless Brunch Cruise and start your special day breathing the refreshing air of the Yarra River. If a bottomless scrumptious meal sounds like the perfect anniversary cruise for you, then our services are bound to amaze you.

We feature our signature concoctions of gin and vodka with yummy croissants and desserts. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride while feasting on a delicious meal and chatter to your heart’s content with your beloved.


3. Sightseeing Cruise on your Wedding Anniversary

Want to explore the antique beauty of Melbourne on your wedding anniversary? Why not join us on our Sightseeing Cruise. This might just be what you’re looking out for. Our expert guides will float you through the peaceful Yarra waters while commenting on the marvels you pass by.

The 1-hour ride will be over in a blink of an eye while you’re snuggling into your beloved’s arms and gazing at the beauty of the peaceful city. Along the way, refreshments like tea/coffee will be served to you.

Depending on the current and tidal conditions, your sightseeing ride will show you different views. While travelling downstream, you’ll be able to see the stunning Bolte and Westgate bridge.


Why Is The Yarra River Cruise Best For A Wedding Anniversary


4. Private Functions

Would you like to have a little escapade away from the busy Melbourne streets and find a peaceful sanctuary on our luxurious private boat charter? Couples especially love our private boats that offer a perfect romantic date under the city skyline.

Our private boat cruises are catered to meet your requirements which can be customized with expert advice from our professional event planners. Food and beverages are available to suit your palate.

We offer catering services to upto 150 guests. So worry not if you are planning to host a big anniversary party.


Why Choose Yarra River Cruises For Your Milestone Celebration?

Yarra River Cruises is dedicated to hosting memorable events for your special occasions on luxurious boats. We don’t make bogus claims and let you enjoy the true beauty of the Yarra River by providing excellent services which make people come back for more.

Our team of professionals have years of experience in hosting all kinds of events, be it family, friends, or corporate events. They will provide you with expert advice and help you at every step. All your requirements will be met at Yarra River Cruises so contact us and quote your booking for the event.

We accommodate the needs of our clients and host a party that will be unforgettable for the years to come.

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