How To Prepare For Your Sunset Dinner Cruise In Melbourne?

Prepare your Sunset Dinner Cruise in Melbourne

Sunset Dinner Cruise In Melbourne

A warm orange tinge on the sky above, the setting sun the waves below and peace within! Is that what you’ve planned for? 

Melbourne cruises provide breathtaking views of sunsets and are a popular tourist attraction. Tourists visiting the city love to come by the Yarra River to witness the pristine sunsets and enjoy it with their families. 

But if you truly want to enjoy a sunset dinner cruise (Melbourne), you must know what to bring and wear. And we are here to let you know what to carry to have a great and worry-free time. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into details!


Prepare your Sunset Dinner Cruise in Melbourne


What To Bring On A Sunset Dinner Cruise In Melbourne?

A. Camera

You’ll be treated with some awe-inspiring views on the sunset dinner cruise, and the picturesque sunset will surely make you appreciate nature even more. You’d definitely want to capture these beautiful scenes on your camera, and therefore, carrying it is absolutely essential. 

Don’t miss a single opportunity to capture the unforgettable memories you create on the sunset dinner cruise (Melbourne)!


B. Medications

Bring at least one dose of each medicine if you need to consume them while on a dinner cruise. Apart from that, if you’ve never taken a cruise before or have any previous bad experiences, carry a motion sickness medicine with you. It’s important to keep your vitals in check, staying healthy and enjoying the sunset to the fullest. 


C. Dress Code

The clothes you bring on a trip should correspond to the location you’re visiting, and on a sunset cruise, dress for sun exposure. It’s crucial that you adore the sunset and not get sunburnt. As you’ll spend most of your time outdoors, try to dress to stay protected from the sun’s harsh rays.  

So, light summer clothes with a drape are great clothing options on a sunset cruise. And depending on the mercury levels, you can add layers or take some off. 

Aside from that, make sure to check if your chosen cruise has any attire guidelines. If a cruise mentions wearing a pair of khakis, light hors d’oeuvres, or a collared shirt, then you can go casual. But if there’s an arrangement for a multi-course sit-down meal in the evening, make sure to carry a semi-formal attire. 

Or, if you are booking the cruise dinner to celebrate an occasion, make sure to pack necessary clothing items for all your family members. 


D. Outerwear

Even if you’ve planned to get on a dinner cruise during summer, we recommend carrying a pair of outerwear. The watery winds can sometimes be cruel, and the mercury can take a dip down once the sunsets. 

So, you’d want to bring along a light jacket to enjoy the outside without getting the chills.


E. Footwear

When going on a sunset cruise, it’s important to look your best in every way, and flip-flops are a great way to do so. We recommend carrying your go-to flip-flop as these are super comfortable to wear and move around. Your dress should also be casual as sunset cruises are meant for relaxation and enjoyment. So, ease yourself into flip-flops and enjoy to the fullest. 

If the sunset cruise extends until night, and there’s some dancing involved, you can carry a pair of extra yet comfortable footwear. Dancing in your high heels might invite foot ache, and you might not look good dancing in a pair of flip-flops. 

Hence, it’s ideal to keep a pair of ballet slippers in your bag, as they provide comfort to your feet when they’re sore from dancing.


F. Favourite Beverages

A sunset cruise is incomplete without drinks. Although many sunset cruises provide complimentary drinks, it’s still a good idea to bring your favourite beverages so you can enjoy them while gazing at the setting sun. Unwind and relax with your loved ones by taking a sip of your favourite drinks


G. Battery Pack

If the cruise is going to end very late, it won’t hurt to carry along a set of fully-charged batteries to keep your smartphone charged to maintain contact with your friends and family.  Most of these batteries are small and can even fit easily in your pocket, making them easier to carry around. 


H. Water Flask With Built-In Water Filter

This is entirely for the people who don’t want to rely on the water provided by the cruise service. Plus, people at risk of water-borne diseases, should always carry a water flask with an attached filter to get a fresh supply of water every time. 

Considering you’re enjoying a pristine view of the sunlight on the deck most of the time, a water flask always reminds you to stay hydrated.  


I. Sun Essentials

You’re going to be exposed to the sun most of the time on a sunset cruise. So, if you’re not on a mission to tan your beautiful skin, make sure to carry along the sun essentials. 

Most importantly, pack sunscreen or sunblock that contains higher SPF levels. Applying them to your skin keeps it safe from harmful sun rays, and your skin doesn’t burn as a result of Melbourne’s blazing heat. 

The sun’s rays during the sunset are also harmful, so keep some aloe vera gel with you to soothe your skin if it becomes sunburnt as a result of constant exposure.


Final Words

With that, we’ve reached the end of our guide about the things you need to carry on a sunset cruise in Melbourne. 

A sunset cruise is always full of scenic views and adventure, so make the most of your trip to the beautiful rivers of Melbourne. We promise it will be the most amazing trip of your life. And make sure to pack all these essentials well in advance to avoid any last-minute dash. 

We’ll now sign off. Take care and goodbye!

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