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Sustainability at Yarra River Cruises 

At Yarra River Cruises, we are dedicated to integrating sustainable practices into our operations to uphold environmental stewardship while delivering exceptional experiences. As an affirmation of our commitment, Yarra River Cruises is proudly certified by Ecotourism Australia. Here’s how we demonstrate our dedication to sustainability: 

Mission Statement: At Yarra River Cruises, our mission is to operate eco-friendly cruises showcasing the Yarra River’s splendour while minimizing our ecological footprint. We integrate sustainable practices into every aspect, ensuring responsible stewardship and exceptional guest experiences. 

Vision: Yarra River Cruises aims to lead sustainable tourism, setting industry standards. We strive to be a recognized advocate for the Yarra River’s preservation, providing unforgettable experiences while contributing to its long-term enjoyment and conservation. 

Efficient Recycling: We strictly adhere to recycling guidelines, ensuring effective separation to minimize waste. This reflects our commitment to responsible waste management. We aim to set a standard for eco-friendly practices in the industry. 

Strategic Supplier Partnerships: Prioritizing sustainability, we partner with local suppliers to reduce reliance on transport, cutting carbon emissions. This fosters stronger ties within the community and supports local businesses. 

Bulk Purchasing Policy: We prioritize bulk purchasing to minimize transport, reducing our environmental footprint. This approach also allows us to pass on cost savings to our customers. 

Environmental Education: During cruises, we educate guests about conservation efforts, raising awareness of stewardship. Our goal is to inspire individuals to take action towards environmental conservation in their own lives. 

Contributions to Conservation: We financially support organizations like the Yarra RiverKeeper Association. Additionally, we actively participate in conservation projects such as habitat restoration and water quality monitoring. 

Unforgettable Guest Experience: While prioritizing sustainability, we offer guests a memorable experience celebrating the Yarra River’s beauty. Our commitment to sustainability enhances the overall guest experience, providing a deeper connection with nature. 

At Yarra River Cruises, sustainability is not just a concept but a tangible commitment that informs our everyday operations. We believe that through these initiatives, we can contribute to the preservation of the Yarra River and its surrounding ecosystem while offering unforgettable experiences for our guests. 

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which we work and pay our respects to Indigenous Elders past, present and emerging.


Berth 2, Federation Wharf, Princes Walk, Melbourne VIC 3000. This is the default departure location dependant on circumstance. If the departure location changes you will be contacted in advance of your booking

Yes, all cruises come with fully equipped bathroom facilities

Given that the Yarra River is almost always calm with the water having a very flat surface, motion sickness and sea sickness is extremely rare.

At Yarra River Cruises, we strive to provide accessibility for all passengers. Our back deck is wheelchair accessible, please ensure wheel are not wider than 70cm to fit through the gate. However, access to the main cabin involves descending four steps.

Bathrooms are located inside the cabin for convenience. Please contact Yarra River Cruises to determine a suitable time for safe access, as the boat’s height may vary due to tides. For passengers with heavy or electric wheelchairs, please reach out to us directly to confirm suitability and make necessary arrangements.

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