10 Tips for the Perfect Yarra River Lunch Cruise Melbourne

Yarra River Lunch Cruise Melbourne | restaurants on yarra river melbourne

10 Tips for the Perfect Yarra River Lunch Cruise Melbourne

A Yarra River cruise offers the perfect opportunity to see Melbourne from a new perspective. Relaxing and thrilling in equal measure, taking a Yarra River cruise can give you a unique insight into the vibrant life and architecture that surrounds the Yarra River in Melbourne. If you’re taking a Yarra River lunch cruise, follow these ten tips to ensure you get the most out of your cruise while enjoying delicious food and beautiful scenery along the way.


1. Turn off your phone

It’s important to turn off any potential distractions during your Yarra River cruise, which means turning off your phone on silent and putting any other gadgets away. This will help you to focus on enjoying yourself in the moment, soaking up every detail of the cruise, and taking in the history and culture of each landmark you pass.


2. Choose a cruise that’s tailored to your interests

The wide variety of sights and attractions located down the Yarra River can make one Yarra River cruise very different from another. Choose a cruise that includes information and sightseeing opportunities for landmarks you’re interested in, whether that’s the contemporary attractions and buildings in the port of Melbourne including the World Trade Centre and the Crown Casino, or a historic cruise past the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Melbourne Cricket Ground.


3. Dress in comfortable clothing

It’s important to dress in comfortable clothing for your river cruise; this will help you to relax and focus on enjoying the cruise. Check the weather before leaving for your cruise; ensuring you bring a waterproof jacket if rain is due and cool clothing or shorts on hot summer days. Remember to apply sunscreen in summer, especially if your cruise takes place at midday.


4. Bring a camera

During your Yarra River boat cruise, you’ll want to make the most of your trip. While this means being ‘in the moment’, you might also want to take photos of the sights and landmarks you pass as a souvenir of your cruise. Bring a good quality camera or make sure your phone is charged so that you can take plenty of pictures to look back on later.


5. Listen carefully to crew staff and guides

Most Yarra River boat cruises will include a guided commentary, explaining various landmarks as you pass them and telling you a little bit about each attraction. Listening carefully to these tours can add an extra dimension to your cruise, helping you to appreciate the significance of some of Melbourne’s most famous historic buildings. Listening to the Captain and other crew members will also help you to stay on schedule and ensure you don’t miss anything during your cruise.


6. Order food before you’re hungry

If you choose a cruise at lunch and you’re planning to eat during your river cruise, it’s important to look at the menu in advance and order food in good time. Some dishes may take longer to prepare than others, and the last thing you want to be worrying about during a river cruise is whether your food will arrive in time for you to eat is leisurely. Order before you get hungry so that for the rest of the cruise you can relax and enjoy the scenery.


7. Do your research

In advance of your first cruise, researching the history of the Yarra River and the areas surrounding it, even briefly, could help you to get more from your river cruise if you’re interested in historical aspects of the tour.


8. Look around the boat before you set off

One of the joys of a river cruise is simply the fun of being on a boat. Make the most of your trip and explore the boat before you take your seat; you can also take this time to find out where the toilets and catering facilities are, should you need to use them during the cruise.


9. Find out what your ticket includes in advance

There are lots of Yarra River boat cruises on offer, with many including food, tea or coffee, and other surplus extras within the ticket price. Make sure you understand exactly what your ticket includes in advance so that you’re not hit by unexpected costs for extras during your cruise, and to ensure you make the most of everything you’ve paid for when buying your ticket.


10. Explore the Yarra riverside after your cruise

Once you’ve seen all the sights that a Yarra River boat cruise has to offer, why not hop off the boat and explore the area on foot? Book into one of the many local restaurants for dinner, stay the night in a hotel and visit your favourite landmarks spotted during the cruise during your stay in Melbourne.

Yarra River Lunch Cruise Melbourne | restaurants on yarra river melbourne


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