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Bottomless Brunch On The Water | Yarra River Cruises

Picture this – you’re on a big red boat, no land in sight, just rising and falling crystal blue waves of the Yarra River. You have your best friends to keep you company, sipping bottomless mimosas and enjoying all the exotic bottomless brunch cuisines. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect weekend getaway? Well, guys and girls, you can make this happen by booking a two-hour ride with the Yarra River Cruises.

Need more details? Join us for the ride to get all the tea!

About Yarra River Cruises

Whether you’re new to Melbourne or have lived here all your life, the more you explore, the more magical this city becomes. That’s why it was voted the world’s most liveable city in 2014. However, if you haven’t experienced it from the vantage point of a cruise, you’re missing out on a blissful experience.

Yarra River Cruises is like a jewel in the crown of this city that offers memorable sightseeing and party cruises for guests of all ages. Fitting for multiple occasions like brunches, dinner parties and special events, the company provides bottomless alcohol and an extensive food menu for you to enjoy thoroughly.

Want to celebrate a birthday? Or do you want to have a romantic date with your special someone? Yarra River has cruises and boats for every event, doesn’t matter if it’s for small or large groups. Those searching for a good spot to have a fun-filled evening celebration can check out the list of their cruises.

And if you’re looking to hire a boat for driving or skippered cruises with a captain, the company will be at your disposal seven days a week, even if you don’t have a boat licence.


The Best Bottomless Brunch On The Water | Yarra River Cruises

What Is The Bottomless Brunch Cruise?

The Bottomless brunch cruise by Yarra River Cruises is an exciting opportunity to spend your weekend in style on a boat with your loved ones. It has a fun atmosphere where you’ll be able to relax and live in the moment, letting go of all work-related worries and stress of parenting. No doubt nothing can beat a dinner or a night party, still a brunch on Yarra river has its own charm.

Who Can Book A Ride?

This cruise is one of those places where day drinking is socially acceptable, so everyone who is above the age of eighteen can book a ride. You may need to show an id proof to confirm the same.

How To Book A Tour?

Booking the cruise is simple and can be done through the website. Select the date and time slot on the calendar along with the number of members. While checking out, you’ll get the option to use vouchers or coupons to get some discount. After entering all the billing details, you can securely pay using your preferred medium.

We suggest visiting the website regularly because the company often hands out special offers and vouchers to its customers.

When Can You Book?

The cruise is open for bookings all year round; hence whenever you have a stressful week, you can book a slot for a Sunday getaway. However, don’t wait until Friday for booking as the cruise is quite popular and is advance booked for weeks.

What Is The Location?

You’ll get on the boat from Yarra River Cruises dock, between the Federation Wharf and Riverland bar to enjoy a two-hour long ride. It will pass along some famous sites of Richmond, Melbourne like the lush green Birrarung Marr, domain parklands like the Royal botanic on the Southern end and the historic Herring island. But sightseeing isn’t the star attraction of this cruise; instead, it’s about food, drinks and all that jazz.

If you have trouble finding the location, you can just come near the Federation Wharf and easily find your way. Just ensure timing your arrival fifteen minutes before the trip begins.

What Are The Perks Of The Cruise?

The cruise has immaculate vibes with a breezy atmosphere and music that everybody loves. So, whether it’s a romantic date or a fun Saturday outing with friends, you will be able to wind down and have a blast.

But is it even a real “brunch” without drinks? That’s why the company offers a variety of mixed drinks and cocktails including mimosas, prosecco, spritz and Aperol. But, if you are a beer lover, the cruise also has got you covered with its selection of local Melbourne beers. Additionally, it features signature vodka and gin concoctions, like Citric Breeze and Strawberry Splash to add a fun twist to your day.

Moving on to the food, the cruise serves a wide selection of hors d’oeuvre canap├ęs along with multiple courses and cuisines. Forget about the menu, the catering service takes the pressure off you by serving its best dishes. So, after getting drunk on cocktails and beer, you can feast on an endless supply of delicious food and snacks. You can comfortably sit for the brunch wherever you want with your family or other guests and visitors.

Can The Yarra River Cruises Refuse Serving Alcohol?

There are some ground rules to ensure that everyone has a good time:

  • You must finish your drink before ordering another one
  • The staff reserves the right to refuse serving alcohol if you seem intoxicated

Final Words

Having a bottomless brunch on Yarra river is the perfect way to chill with your friends. If you haven’t ventured through Melbourne on a boat, then this is your sign to do it right away.

Grab a suit, hop on the boat and get the party started!

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