A Cruise Along The Yarra River

A Cruise Along The Yarra River | Yarra River Cruises

Flowing from Mt Baw Baw in the Yarra ranges National Park, the Yarra River flows through the heart of Melbourne. Known as one of Victoria’s iconic waterways, the Yarra is at the heart of Melbourne’s identity, with special cultural and spiritual significance to Aboriginal communities. Playing such a pivotal role in Melbourne’s identity, it’s natural to wonder if you can take a river cruise along the Yarra River. Read in for all you need to know on a cruise along the Yarra River.


Can you take a river cruise along the Yarra River?


Yes, you can take a river cruise down the Yarra. River cruises are an incredibly popular way to explore the Yarra River and offer a fantastic way to go sightseeing through the heart of Melbourne city. With a multitude of tour companies to choose from, many offering different style services and tour types, a river cruise along the Yarra is a great way to spend an afternoon.


What kind of cruises are available?


There are many different types of river cruises available for you to choose from. Yarra River cruises encompass everything from private cruises, private boat charters and hens party cruises to dinner cruises, small group wedding cruises and self-driven boat hires. With so much variety available, you’re sure to be able to find the right style river cruise for your plans.


Self-guided or chartered cruises?


Many people choose to charter a cruise down the river or hop onto one of the many guided tours that operate up and down the river. However, many people don’t know that you also have the option of hiring a small boat and going exploring on your own. You can choose to hire a small electric boat that can be operated with no boat license or experience necessary. This can make your adventure up the Yarra truly unique.

You can also opt to charter a private yacht for you and your friends for the evening. Chartered cruises can last for up to several hours or even the whole evening if you have a special event organised. They’re also the perfect place to throw a party or fancy dinner. Whatever you’re planning, chartering a private river cruise up the Yarra is a great way to take in some of the best views in Melbourne.


Yarra River cruise for special occasions


If you have a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday coming up, you can consider booking a river cruise down the Yarra River as part of your celebrations. A river cruise is a perfect way to celebrate a big event and is a great way to start a big evening. From birthday and New Years Eve party’s to engagement party’s or birthday celebrations, Yarra River cruises are a special way to spend special occasions.


A Cruise Along The Yarra River | Yarra River Cruises


Taking a river cruise along the Yarra River is a great way to explore Melbourne and take in some of its best views. It’s a great way to escape the busy Melbourne streets and take in a unique perspective of the scenic river that inspires and captivates so many locals.

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