What Are Bottomless Cocktails? Your Complete Guide

Your Complete Guide On The Best Bottomless Cocktails

Mimosa, Bellini, and Bloody Mary? The perfect way to nail bottomless cocktails! When drinks roll in the system, let the fun unfold.

Bottomless cocktails are perfect for wiping away the week-long exhaustion over the weekends with friends. But you never know when this fun will take a wild turn. At times, endless booze can swipe away your feet and lead to something catastrophic, the so-called – “drunken disaster!”

Thus, to avoid mishaps, let us guide you through the perfect way to unroll the fun of bottomless cocktails. But before that, let’s find out what bottomless cocktails are!


What Are Bottomless Cocktails?


Your Complete Guide On Bottomless Cocktails


The idea behind bottomless cocktails is simple – “pay once, enjoy twice, thrice, or as long as it lasts”. Bottomless cocktails are endless cocktails served at a single payment. By paying a flat amount, you can order as many refills or glasses of cocktails. However, there’s a bottom line to the endless booze, and it all depends on the bar or restaurant you have opted for.

Most places serve bottomless cocktails for 2 hours with a limited number of cocktails. So, if you want Pina Colada and Mimosa on your table, remember to read the menu carefully before opting for the service. Nowadays, there are many restaurants that serve bottomless brunch cocktails too. This means that you are served bottomless cocktails with a scrumptious meal!  


Things To Remember Before Going For Bottomless Cocktails


If this is your first time going for a bottomless brunch cocktail or a bottomless cocktail party, here’s all you need to know.


1. Time Is The Key

Bottomless cocktails won’t be bottomless for long. Thus, to enjoy your fill, reach early and extract your penny’s worth. If you’re going to a bottomless cocktail brunch, then reaching early becomes more significant.

Your time will end in the blink of an eye. So, reach early, enjoy, and leave before the host kicks you out for overstaying the welcome.


2. Don’t Make Plans Afterwards

Planning to go shopping after your bottomless cocktail brunch? Bad idea! There are high chances of you getting soft-headed after drowning in endless liquor.

So, be smart and avoid making plans you won’t be able to fulfill.


3. Read The Terms

Reading the terms and conditions of the bottomless cocktail bar or restaurant you’re going to is extremely important. From drinks to time, everything is mentioned there. Thus, avoid disappointment and do thorough research beforehand.


4. Don’t Get Too Loose

We know how crazy bottomless cocktail parties can be! But you have to be strong-willed and refuse drinks that your stomach can’t handle. This means – no hard liquor or vodka shots, especially during the bottomless cocktail brunch.

You wouldn’t want to collide with people on their weekend shopping on the streets, would you?


5. It Will Get Loud 

It’s a bar with endless booze. Fun is in the air, and people are feeling the best of themselves with liquor in their belly. What’s to be expected? Blasting energy, obviously!

The atmosphere at bottomless cocktails gets extremely noisy with adrenaline-filled teenagers hopping on chairs (sometimes). So, if you aren’t ready for that, you might want to rethink going for bottomless cocktails.


6. Be Respectful – Manners Gets You Drinks

You can get loose drowning in bottomless cocktails, but don’t get loose-mannered! Respecting the hosts who are refilling your empty cups is a must. They are the ones working on weekends to let you have some fun time with pals.

So, don’t drown your manners with drinks, and give respect when it’s due!


7. Sip And Crunch – Don’t Drink On an Empty Stomach

Are you seriously planning on drinking all that liquor on an empty stomach? The bottomless cocktail will last only an hour, and we don’t want you to damage your liver. So, be wise, and don’t forget to munch while you’re drinking.


8. Do Not Wear Six Inches

Prosecco, Bloody Mary, Mimosa, Bellini, and what? Heels? A bad idea! When high from all the endless booze in the belly, heels won’t provide the comfort you need. They might just follow the law of gravity too much and make you land on your bum. 

Casual shoes are good enough for a bottomless cocktail brunch. So, be wise and dress comfortably! 


9. Stay Hydrated And Drink Ample Water

Who drinks water with Mimosas in sight, right? Wrong! Don’t forget water even when sipping on your favorite cocktails. The key to responsible drinking is not forgetting the drink of life, water, EVER!


10. Have Fun!

Responsible drinking doesn’t have to be boring! So, catch up with your friends with fine food and wine, and don’t forget to enjoy yourselves. 




This was all about bottomless cocktails and your complete guide to nail them with perfection. To recapitulate, we urge you to drink respectfully and not overdo the fun. We know how loose cocktails can get us, but don’t let them muddle your brain.

Till then, keep enjoying and have a blast at your first bottomless cocktail event!

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