Are you looking for a way to celebrate, but you’re tired of all the typical spots you might hang out at in the city? Melbourne is full of incredible places to grab a bite and a cocktail, and yet finding something a little different can be a challenge. Well, we are here to tell you about the new best brunch spot in town! With our beautiful weather, it seems a shame to get stuck inside just because you want to enjoy a delicious bottomless brunch with your friends. Luckily for you, the best bottomless brunch Melbourne has to offer happens to take place on the Yarra River. A little treat Have you been to brunch before? We bet you have, but just in case – brunch is that little meal that isn’t quite breakfast and isn’t quite lunch… which makes it an oddly perfect opportunity to celebrate! The midmorning bottomless

Cocktail nights are undoubtedly one of the most fun ways to spend time with friends, whether you’re the type to go for a Mojito or a Bloody Mary. Bottomless cocktails can be a recipe for either endless enjoyment or a drunken disaster, so it is not an event to be taken lightly. The fun will be raucous and, at times, unruly, but there are some unwritten rules that you need to know. Here are the 11 unspoken rules you should follow at your bottomless cocktails event. Try not to ignore any of them, and you are sure to have a great time with your friends. 1. Don’t order before reading the rules Bottomless cocktails are often enjoyed with food, and you may be required to order a meal from the beginning. Take this into account as you select your cocktail journey, as some cocktails will start to feel like you

A Yarra River cruise offers the perfect opportunity to see Melbourne from a new perspective. Relaxing and thrilling in equal measure, taking a Yarra River cruise can give you a unique insight into the vibrant life and architecture that surrounds the Yarra River in Melbourne. If you’re taking a Yarra River lunch cruise, follow these ten tips to ensure you get the most out of your cruise while enjoying delicious food and beautiful scenery along the way. 1. Turn off your phone It’s important to turn off any potential distractions during your Yarra River cruise, which means turning off your phone on silent and putting any other gadgets away. This will help you to focus on enjoying yourself in the moment, soaking up every detail of the cruise, and taking in the history and culture of each landmark you pass. 2. Choose a cruise that’s tailored to your interests The

Running throughout Victoria, Australia, the Yarra River is 246km long and is one of the most iconic features in Melbourne. The Yarra River is the source of around 70% of Melbourne’s drinking water, and the river and its bank provide many opportunities for recreational activities, which we share with you below. Exploring the Yarra River is a regular activity for many locals, and a hotspot for tourists due to the natural, scenic beauty it provides. The Yarra River stretches from mountainous, forested areas right into the heart of the suburbs of Melbourne. 1. A Bottomless Brunch Cruise There are many cruises available across the Yarra River, but this two and a half-hour long adventure on the water is a must for a fun day out with your friends. Board the cruise and explore the river with a refreshing, boozy drink in hand and some delicious brunch favourites. A perfect activity

The hen night is one of the most important events in the lead up to the wedding. But it can be hard trying to decide where to go. If you are struggling for inspiration, we have come up with 17 unusual hens party ideas Melbourne brides will love in 2021. 1. High Tea Hens Party Melbourne – Mary Eats Cake Looking for an elegant, upscale hens party experience? Then the High Tea Hens Party at Mary Eats Cake is right up your street. Hosted in a glorious venue in Brunswick, just a few minutes from CBD, this vintage-themed event is the perfect opportunity for old friends to relax. The venue takes inspiration from the Victorian era when high tea became fashionable. The menu includes delicate sandwiches, the best French Champagne and a simply divine selection of cream cakes. A visit to Mary Eats Cake will surely be a party you’ll

A hen party is an incredibly exciting event – and getting to throw one in Melbourne is a real thrill! As one of the most exciting cities in the world, Melbourne is the ideal place to let loose. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional hen party ideas, sometimes you want to try something a little different. Are you a bride squad looking for the perfect idea for a bride? Luckily, there are a whole host of incredible and unique party ideas you can explore. If you are struggling for inspiration, we’re here to help. Read on for nine of our absolute favourite ideas for planning a magical hen party in Melbourne. Yoga Not every hen party has to be a wild celebration. There is even space for some self-improvement and relaxation for the girls! While a yoga class might not sound like much of a party, it can

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most diverse and exciting cities. There is no shortage of things to do here, including world-class shopping, eating and going to the theatre. But what if you are looking for something a little different? Well, Melbourne has you covered there as well. In this guide, we’ll showcase 13 weird and wonderful things you can do in the city. There is something here for everyone, from the macabre to the coffee nerd. 1. A punt tour in the Botanical Gardens lake The Botanical Gardens are one of Melbourne’s most popular attractions, but few people, even Melbourne natives, have enjoyed these stunning gardens from the comfort of their own gondola. Botanical Lake punts last an hour and are the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the gardens at a leisurely pace. 2. A tour of the Western Water treatment plant A tour of a water treatment