11 Girls Night Out Ideas In Melbourne

11 Girls Night Out Ideas In Melbourne | Yarra River Cruises

The bustling nightlife of Melbourne is no secret to locals and tourists alike.

From food festivals held at night to rooftop movie nights- the city is the most alive after dark. So, if you’re looking for a place to catch up with your girlfriends and dance the night away, Melbourne IS the place.

But, again, with so many options comes confusion- where should you go and what should you do to experience the best girls’ night out? Well, fret not because we’ve done our fair share of partying before curating this guide on 11 Girls Night Out Ideas In Melbourne!

So, put on your party hats and dancing shoes, and read on… 


11 Girls Night Out Ideas In Melbourne


1. Go On A Cruise Party

Nothing’s better than throwing a cruise party for you and the girls. Unlimited lip-smacking food and bottomless cocktails with the latest hits blasting through the speakers- you really cannot go wrong with a cruise party. Or, if you do a little research on the events happening around the city, you might find an exciting retro cruise party you can attend with the girls.


2. Learn Pole Dancing

Infamous for its seductive nature, not many know that pole dancing is actually a great form of exercise. So, if you’ve been planning to get back in shape without the monotonous gym routine, try enrolling in a lesson on pole dancing. What’s more, you and your girlfriends could pick up a new skill to boast about on the next date!


3. Bust A Move In The Club

What’s a girls’ night out in Melbourne without losing yourself in a club/pub? You could revisit your favorite clubs or explore a new one. The fact that most of the clubs/pubs are within walking distance in the capital makes it even more convenient for the party animals out there.

However, if you don’t prefer loud music threatening to tear your eardrums, try a jazz club instead. Gulp a drink with the girls and tap your toes to some soothing jazz tunes- sounds like the perfect way to end the week!


4. Attend A Cocktail Masterclass

If you’re sick of downing glasses of plain old beer/wine/gin/vodka, why not try a cocktail masterclass and learn from expert mixologists? Not to forget, these cocktail classes often include complimentary snacks, so you’ll be learning something new while having fun with the girls.


5. Know Your Fortune

If you and your friends aren’t big on parties and clubbing, why not stay in and hire a fortune teller or psychic? Keep some drinks and tidbits ready to enjoy while learning what the future holds. 


6. Book An Airbnb

Another lowkey idea is to book a night at an Airbnb, carry your food or order some online, and maybe enjoy a movie marathon. You could even do each other’s nails and indulge in some skincare. Light an incense stick or two, play some soothing music, and gossip the night away.


7. Hit The Casino

If you’re feeling fancy, dress up with the girls and head to the casino. Place a bet and win big, or just enjoy the grandeur and devour some great food. 


8. Sip And Paint

Don’t want to drink and dance all night only to wake up with sore legs and a terrible hangover? Then how about attending a “Sip and Paint” night, wherein you get 90 minutes to create an artwork while sipping wine? The timing and pricing of the session may vary, though most of these classes are quite affordable.


9. Visit A Themed Restaurant

Who said theme parties are only for kids? You could very well enjoy one in a themed restaurant like the Witches in Britches Theatre Restaurant in Melbourne. Such restaurants usually have a showcase along with a three-course meal, so remember to consult about everything before making reservations. 


10. Unleash Your Sweet Tooth

If you and the girls have a sweet tooth, why wait till dinner? Just skip to some sugary treats at a dessert bar. But make sure you don’t drink too much, as sugar and alcohol make the perfect recipe for an awful hangover!


11. Visit A Charity Ball

In the mood to splurge on yourself and your girlfriends? After all, an all-girls night out isn’t something you do very often. 

Then why not dress to impress and visit a local charity ball at the Tuxedo Junction or Star Ball. It’s not just a fun activity, but you’ll also get to donate to a good cause and do your bit for the society.



And that’s all the night-out plans we had for the ladies in Melbourne. We hope you were able to find a unique activity to enjoy with your friends this weekend.

If all else fails, simply get into your PJs and gossip over some pizza and wine with your girlfriends. After all, a girls’ night in is just as fun as a girls’ night out; maybe even more!

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