Your Bottomless Cocktail Experience At Yarra River Cruises

Your Bottomless Cocktail Experience At Yarra River Cruises

The combination of gentle waves, cool breeze, and a refreshing mojito is to die for!

And with the Yarra river cruises offering bottomless cocktail events throughout the year, engaging in one may be easier than you think. Hence, you can now enjoy the mesmerizing views of Melbourne with your favourite drink in hand.

That’s why we are here with a short guide on everything you need to know. So, dive in!


Bottomless Cocktail Experience – Ultimate Trip Down The Yarra River


If you’re looking to host the ultimate party for the next big event, then consider booking a bottomless cocktail cruise party on the Yarra River. It starts from the Federation Wharf (berth 2, Princes Walk) Melbourne and allows a 30-minute wharf time before taking you on a 90-minute cruise journey through the heart of Melbourne city.

Whether it’s a hen party, girls’ or boys’ night out; there’s nothing like indulging your guests in a bottomless cocktail event on the deck. Here, we should also mention that this 2-hour package includes the city’s signature cocktails, such as pina colada, tequila sunrise, mimosa and blue lagoon, among other specialities. 

Not only that, but the floating bar also remains stuffed with beers, ciders, and sparkling wine for people who might want something refreshing to start off. And the friendly staff members are more than happy to help you find just the perfect drink according to your mood!

Moreover, there’s an outdoor beer garden and a smoking area to facilitate added convenience for guests. You can also participate in weekly fun games, social media challenges, and conduct photoshoots to capture all those beautiful memories.

Complete with house music, powerful speakers, and of course, clean washrooms, the Yarra river bottomless cocktail experience will surely be the one to remember for a long time.


What To Know Before Boarding The Cruise?


There are certain things to keep in mind, which will ensure a trouble-free experience for you, the other guests onboard, and the deck staff. And in the following sections, we will quickly walk you through some of them.


  1. Go Through The Rules

Some bottomless cocktail events may require you to order at least one meal before ordering the drinks, so make sure you go through the rules well in advance. Remember that some cocktails may make you feel full right from the get-go, especially when consumed with food. And this can spell trouble for people who are already prone to sea-sickness.

Likewise, some onboard bars may allow you to order a new drink only when you’ve finished the current one. In such cases, it’s better not to experiment too much with your orders. If you end up not liking the recipe, you’ll invariably take more time to down it. And this isn’t something you’d want in a limited-time cocktail event.


  1. Order By The Pitcher

Ordering by the pitcher is a great way to save time, as you don’t have to wait for the server’s attention every time you need a refill. 


  1. Don’t Indulge In Chugging

Although you may think that chugging those drinks one after another will help you get the money’s worth, this technique can easily spoil the rest of the  day. Instead, pace yourself to allow the alcohol to absorb properly before ordering more. This will keep you from getting “all-out” drunk while still letting you enjoy a nice tipsiness. 

If it’s a food and drinks event, then take your time eating the food; this will automatically buy you time to “judge” the effect of the alcohol. We’d also strongly recommend against consuming neat drinks, like vodka on the rocks, as they can black you out in no time.


What Is Bottomless Brunching?

In case you haven’t heard about bottomless brunching, then let us break it down for you. Simply put, it’s a late morning or early afternoon brunch party where you can avail a set number of courses and unlimited cocktails for a prefixed price. Most bottomless brunches last for about 2 to 3 hours, where you can enjoy any number of beers, wines, and more such alcoholic drinks in accordance with the menu.

Bottomless brunching is a fast emerging trend in Australia and has quickly become the go-to way for people to catch up with friends, family, or spend a relaxing day with their partners. While many pubs and restaurants in Melbourne offer bottomless brunches (especially on weekends or holidays), we’d strongly recommend going for it atop the Yarra river.


Your Bottomless Cocktail Experience At Yarra River Cruises


Final Words


That’s it from us today. 

As a piece of parting advice, we’d ask you (and your guests) to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early before starting the journey, as these cruises are strictly time-bound. And don’t get drunk to the point where you have to be forced out by the staff. Trust us- there’s no fun in self-humiliation.

With that, we will leave you to execute the plan and have a fun day amidst the water. See ya!

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