What To Expect On A River Cruise In Melbourne?

What To Expect On A River Cruise In Melbourne? | Yarra Riiver Cruises

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” But when in Melbourne CBD, taking the iconic Yarra river cruise is a must.

Melbourne is known for a lot of things – its stunning views, majestic river lines, exotic food and the Yarra River. One of the landmarks of the city, the Yarra river cruises are designed to give you a whole new perspective of the Melbourne river.

If you are visiting Polly woodside in Melbourne with your family, friends or for a special romantic date, the Yarra River cruises can be a wonderful choice. And if you’re wondering what else you can expect from this experience, take a look at our guide to know all about it.


What To Expect On The Yarra River Cruise In Melbourne


1.Embark The Boat

The first exciting part of your river cruise starts when you embark on the boat. Typically, guests can pay their driver to take them to the ship or pre-arrange a journey to be transferred to the dock. This depends on the various packages available and what they offer.

Once you reach the boat, there is no more waiting. You will be handed a keycard upon showing the necessary documents to the crew. Then, you can join the other members on board and begin the fun. The first payment is generally made during this time, or you can choose to add the bill for the driver on the onboard account of the cruise.

If you are lucky, you can also meet the captain of the cruise and ask him questions about the cruise and any special offers or attractions.


2.Amazing Room Service

The next thing you can expect on the best Yarra river cruise is spectacular room service. In fact, most of them are known to offer fantastic service and play excellent hosts to the guests, no matter what the occasion is.

Keep in mind that most cruises in Melbourne don’t offer free room service – there is a small fee you need to pay. However, you can avail special gift vouchers to enjoy several special services like food, drinks, dinner, or even skippered cruises at low prices.


What To Expect On A River Cruise In Melbourne? | Yarra Riiver Cruises

3.What Should You Wear?

We recommend dressing according to the type of packages you book. For example, if you decide to book a 2-hour cruise, which is excellent for a birthday party, a girls night, or just fun with friends and family, you can opt for party wear.

However, we’d suggest ditching the heels, as they can be quite risky on boats. And for the morning city cruises package, you can opt for smart casuals or semi-formals, but it highly depends on the weather.

Likewise, if you have booked an evening cruise for a dinner date or a party at night, put on your best dinner gowns and tuxes. With impeccable services and the stunning views of the Yarra river, you are guaranteed to have a night you won’t forget.


4.Private Functions

Are you thinking of booking a Yarra River cruise for a private function? Well, you couldn’t have come to a better place. You’d be happy to know that several cruise companies in Melbourne take same-day bookings depending on availability and public holidays.

Nevertheless, you can expect some of the best cuisines with multiple courses, incredible drinks, an opportunity to view a beautiful sunset during your ride and much more. But you should always ensure that the cruise has a valid boat licence that is up to date so that you can enjoy and avail all the services without worrying about safety or legal issues.


5.What Will You Eat?

When on Melbourne river cruises, expect only the best of meals and drinks. If you have the next weekend free and would like an opportunity to take a short ride on a boat, the Yarra river cruises can be an ideal option.

You can expect some mouthwatering seafood delicacies aboard these boats. There’s usually a huge spread of fresh fruits, continental dishes served by the best chefs on board and lip-smacking finger foods.

For special brunches or private events, you can opt for some of the best custom menus by visiting the official websites of the cruise services. Or, you can allow the event managers to organise a fantastic menu that leaves you with a content stomach and heart!


6. Entertainment Once You Board

If you are planning a Yarra river cruise for a special event, expect nothing but the best. From offering snacks, beverages, and an opportunity to view some of the most magnificent landmarks in Melbourne, there is so much that they can offer.

Once you are on board the boat, the crew members and service staff will be there to tend to LL your needs. Just remember to bring along a camera so you can capture the beauty of the Yarra River in Melbourne.

Plus, the crew will give you tidbits, share local knowledge and interesting information on Melbourne and the Yarra River.


Final Words

What better way to spend a free day of the week than on a beautiful boat cruise in Melbourne?

Whether you are looking for a bottomless brunch or an educational cruise, it is no news that our company offers only the best in Melbourne. So, check out our official website to know more about our boat cruise offers.

There is nothing more we enjoy than catering to our lovely guests. And with decades of experience cruising the Yarra River in Melbourne, we have learned precisely how to show our beloved guests a great time.

You can contact us during our operating hours, and we will answer any question or query that you may have. To know more about our interest-free payments and various packages, don’t forget to check our service pages and get the best deal today!

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