9 fun things to do on the Yarra River

9 Fun Things To Do On The Yarra River | Yarra River Cruises

If you look at a list of the best things to do in Melbourne, sooner rather than later you’ll come across the Yarra River. It was previously known by indigenous Australians in the Boonwurrung language as ‘Yarro-yarro’, which can be loosely translated to mean ‘ever-flowing’. In 2021, not much has changed, except for the fact that the Yarra now offers a myriad of fun activities for you to try! With this in mind, here’s our pick of 11 fun things to do on the Yarra.

1. Cruising

Taking a cruise on the Yarra is one of the best ways to enjoy its majestic waters. Its banks are wider than a canal, so there’s always a number of boats on the water at any given time. When you book with Yarra River Cruises, you can even enjoy a bottomless brunch! Simply sit back and relax as you cruise along under the Australian sun.

9 Fun Things To Do On The Yarra River | Yarra River Cruises

2. Rowing

Rowing is a great watersport for those who don’t like to sit still for very long. It takes a lot of strength, particularly in your upper arms, but seeing as the Yarra River is known for its calm waters, it’s a great place to get your friends together and get some rowing practice in.

3. Fishing

Make sure you’re away from any swimmers or boaters before you decide to cast your rod into the Yarra. It may come as a surprise, but the river is abundant with fish species such as snapper, Australian salmon, bream, Gummy Sharks and mullets, etc.

4. Kayaking

Combine exercise with fun as you make your way along the river with a friend, taking in the serene views of the Yarra as you paddle along. A good starting point is the Princes Bridge and we recommend continuing along the Yarra River past Flinders Station and South Wharf.

5. Canoeing

Just like kayaking, a day canoeing along the Yarra can be a fun way to relax. You can paddle along with friends, chatting and catching some rays, whilst also taking in the views of this spectacular river. We recommend canoeing to the Polly Woodside tall ship in the South Wharf precinct.

6. Running

As the Yarra stretches 150 miles, it’s a great place to slip your headphones on and just run. Nothing is more satisfying than clearing your thoughts whilst getting in some exercise, and there’s plenty to explore along the Yarra as you go! You can even dip your toes in to cool off before heading home. If you like a challenge, why not make it your goal to run the entire length of the Yarra in a year?

7. Walking

A stroll along the Yarra River is a lot less effort than a run, but it still reaps the same calming and refreshing results. Walking hand in hand with a loved one or a friend, it’s a beautiful place to explore and escape the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

8. Cycling

The Yarra’s towpath offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy a gentle bike ride. However, if you like a challenge, the Yarra River loop is a picturesque 27km stretch that takes you around Melbourne. Simply head east and cycle towards the eastern freeway until you hit the famous river, and then follow its path back.

9. Photography

The Yarra is a great place to set up your camera if you’re a keen photographer. Stretching 150 miles long, you’re bound to spot at least one of the 38 species that call the Yarra home if you’re patient enough, including the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, frogs, birds, bandicoots, bats, and fluffy koalas. For more information on our list of 11 fun things to do on the Yarra, feel free to contact a member of our team at Yarra River Cruises today.

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