The Best Bottomless Brunch You Can Experience

The Best Bottomless Brunch | Yarra River Cruises

While breakfast is an excellent way to start the day and lunch helps to keep you fuelled up so you can take on what the rest of the day has to throw at you, brunch is a different beast entirely.

Brunch is a leisurely meal best enjoyed with friends – and bottomless brunch takes that to the next level. Read on to find out more about the best bottomless brunch you’ll ever experience at Yarra River Cruises and why having brunch on a river cruise is one for the bucket list!

What is bottomless brunch?

Bottomless brunch is a relatively new trend, pulling the world of buffet and the wonders of brunch together into one spectacular concept. A selection of canapes means that you have a delicious selection of finger food available whilst you sip on some delicious cocktails, including Blue Lagoon and Tequila Sunrise.

The best part is, your brunch drinks are entirely bottomless! So there’s no need to be limited by only having one or two drinks; you can try a little bit of everything and make sure that you’ve tasted whatever you like the look of.

All this makes bottomless brunch a great event option. Are you looking for something to do for your birthday? Bring your closest friends to a bottomless brunch with Yarra River Cruises, have a chat and enjoy yourself amongst an impeccable vibe with some of the people you know best.

Are you going on a date and want to get to know someone a bit better? Let the bottomless drinks loosen the conversation and get right to the critical chat!

Why choose a river cruise?

Bottomless brunch is excellent and all, but combining it with a river cruise brings an opportunity that you may not have even considered. Typical brunches occur in a cozy restaurant or bar with a set ambience. It’s nice, but you can tell that the environment around you lacks that natural touch. On the other hand, a river cruise brings in so much of the natural environment of Melbourne.

The Best Bottomless Brunch | Yarra River Cruises

After all, Australia’s garden city is steeped in decades of culture, celebrating years of art, museums and the city’s beautiful parks. Enjoying brunch while floating on the river means you get all of the fun of a bottomless brunch in a more attractive environment.

Watch the day flow by as the beautiful city rolls past the boat, drawing you in and adding a stunning view to the background of any conversation. It perfects the one thing bottomless brunches often miss in terms of ambience.

Why Melbourne?

So, why choose Melbourne for your bottomless brunch? Why float down the gentle, caressing currents of the Yarra River whilst sipping on cocktails and letting the day go by? It’s simple. Melbourne is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From Gem Pier at the mouth of the Yarra up to the Royal Botanic Gardens, the architectural and natural sights that Melbourne has to offer are stunning.


The Best Bottomless Brunch | Yarra River Cruises

The Yarra meanders through the city, so a two-hour bottomless brunch taking you along the beautiful waterway is an incredible way to spend your afternoon.

Try Yarra River Cruises

If you’re interested in taking part in an incredible bottomless brunch in Melbourne, check out Yarra River Cruises. Yarra River Cruises offers an excellent level of service, bringing you beautiful views and perfect vibes throughout your bottomless brunch. Get in touch with the Yarra River Cruises team today to find out more and book your spot.

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