The Benefits Of Taking A River Cruise In Melbourne

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Be it Melbourne’s picturesque gardens or its contrasting scenery, everything comes to life when seen through a cruise.

You can ditch the busy road and breathe a sigh of relief as the wind caresses your face softly. We doubt if something so beautiful can be experienced anywhere else other than on a boat.

Still not sure if you should take a river cruise in Melbourne? Do read our guide to make the right decision!


River Cruises In Melbourne

River cruises in Melbourne mainly sail through three breathtaking routes along the Yarra river, each of which runs through a different part of the city. And in just an hour or two, you’ll be able to witness stunning views and some of the star attractions of the city. But before elaborating on that, let’s discuss the different types of cruises.


Types Of River Cruises In Melbourne


1. Sightseeing Cruises

The routes of sightseeing cruises are specially planned in a way that they move around several famous locations in one go. Williamstown Ferry Cruise is a famous one that cruises past the famous Victoria docks and one of the busiest trading ports called Melbourne CBD.

Furthermore, the Docklands cruise covers a major part of the city, including the Melbourne cricket ground. The departure point for both these ships is the Leisure Precinct Landing, so you can catch them from there.


2. Party Cruises

Party cruises are equipped with facilities needed in a party and can be your one-stop-shop for a weekend night. They allow you to chill with your friends while floating in front of the familiar sights of Melbourne.


3. Private Luxury Cruises

If you are seeking a night of extravagance with a group of friends, you can get an inside cabin or a private luxury cruise chartered by your agent. This will be much more affordable than renting a whole deck and will give you more privacy.


Benefits Of Melbourne River Cruises


1. Perfect For Sightseeing

The primary benefit of Melbourne river cruises is that they provide a unique vantage point that is perfect for sightseeing. If you are short on time and want to see multiple tourist sites of the city, you can simply take a cruise down the Yarra River and enjoy them all.


2. No Traffic

Another highlight is that river traffic is far less as compared to that on the road. You won’t waste your time stuck at one point for hours amidst mindless honking. Additionally, instead of just sitting on your seat like in a car, you can enjoy multiple onboard activities. You’ll especially be thankful for this if you are with kids, as they can really get fussy while travelling by car.


3. Peaceful And Noise-free

A river is peaceful, and all you can hear for miles are the ambient sounds of the water and nature. It is far better than the city noises like that of traffic, construction, industries, etc. Plus, the air quality will be better, allowing you to breathe freely.


4. It Is Romantic

Anyone who has seen the movie “Titanic” can agree that standing on the deck with your hands wide open with your partner is magical. So, if you are planning a perfect weekend getaway with your special someone, a romantic cruise night among the city lights is the best way to go.


5. Amazing Hospitality

Moving on, there’s nothing better than a hardworking and hospitable staff serving you a cheese platter or your favourite cocktails while relaxing in the sun. In fact, most cruises offer entertaining commentary along with complimentary tea and coffee. Meaning, you can simply focus on enjoying your ride instead of arranging food and snacks.


6. Cost-Effective

Needless to mention, paying a one-time cruise boarding fee instead of refilling your car tank with gas to drive around the city is a lot more affordable. On top of that, cruises include almost everything that you’d need on a fun trip, including accommodation, food, entertainment, and fun activities.


7. Lots Of Options

The best part is that cruises come in all shapes and sizes, so the chances of you finding an ideal option are high. You can choose from various river cruising options like a large one with multiple cabins or a small intimate one with warm and cosy vibes.


How To Book A River Cruise In Melbourne

Booking a river cruise is a piece of cake, and you can do it in a few simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Look for a reliable cruise company in Melbourne. If you aren’t sure about one, you can look for its overall rating and the positive feedback left by the customers. Furthermore, you can consult a local expert to find cost-effective deals.

Step 2: Decide the purpose of your cruise – do you want to party or sightsee, how many people are going to be there, etc. Once you know that, browse through the different options provided by the company and choose an appropriate one.

Step 3: Pick your preferred date and timing, but before doing that, do check the operating hours and days. After that, you’ll receive a booking confirmation and can proceed to make the payment.



The Benefits Of Taking A River Cruise In Melbourne

Final Words

Melbourne is one of the most beautiful cities of Australia, in fact in the whole Southern hemisphere.

From Federation Square to Herring Island and Royal Botanic Gardens to the Victorian Art Centre, there’s a lot to explore. And hiring a cruise is the most convenient, cost-effective, and quickest way to do that.

We hope that going through all those benefits must have convinced you to get on a cruise. The deal is simple, pick the cruise route you like, choose a suitable time slot and get on board. That said, we’ll wrap up our guide for the day.

Until next time, take care!

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