Bottomless Brunch – What is it and what’s all the hype about?

What Is Bottomless Brunch? | Bottomless Drinks Meaning | Yarra River Cruises

Bottomless brunches are a craze sweeping Australia right now and it seems to be just about the only thing Millennials and Gen-Zers can agree on.

Not only is this a world where day drinking is okay, but it is encouraged. Sip on some cocktails and prosecco with your best buddies, your partner, or even your colleagues! There are few better bonding experiences than a chance to eat some fantastic brunch food and enjoy your favourite alcoholic beverage in the late morning sunshine.

Perhaps some may think it’s a little excessive, but the thousands of Instagrammers hopping on this trend speak otherwise. Not only is it a brilliant day out but it’s unpredictable and outgoing, something we could all use a bit more of after lockdown!

It’s not just about the food and the drinks, it’s about sitting in a restaurant in the sunlight, sharing a wonderful moment with the people around you. The community in bottomless brunches is second to none and you’re sure to walk away with a few more friends at the end.

So, let’s take a closer look at what bottomless brunches are all about!


What is a bottomless brunch?

Simply put, a bottomless brunch is a late morning or early afternoon brunch where for a set price, you can enjoy a number of courses as well as unlimited alcohol. You will usually have about two hours to feast upon your brunch food and indulge in any number of cocktails, beer, or wine.

Attentive staff will make sure your glass is never empty so you don’t have to worry about going to the bar to order each time you want a new drink. Spend your time with your friends or partner, enjoying yourself, instead of waiting in line.

You can usually find bottomless brunches with a simple web search, but you should also ask at your favourite local bar to check if they host bottomless brunch events. More and more venues are beginning to start offering it as the trend grows, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one near you.

Bottomless Brunch: What is it and what's all the hype about? | Yarra River Cruises

Why are bottomless brunches trending right now?

For a generation already obsessed with taking selfies in nightclubs and taking photos of food, bottomless brunches were an inevitable progression for Australia. They’ve grown immensely in popularity over the past few years and, since the end of lockdown, have absolutely boomed.

They’re a fantastic idea for meeting up with friends after the long months of lockdown or for when you and your partner want to unwind with a special new kind of date day. Bottomless brunches are a totally unique experience that you can’t find in anything else.

They are also beneficial to the hospitality industry which has suffered under lockdown. Support your local businesses in the service sector when you visit a restaurant for a bottomless brunch.

Do it for the ‘gram

You don’t have to be a pro at Instagram to get stunning Insta-worthy photos at a bottomless brunch. The combination of cocktails, brunch food, and the people you love make for some amazing photo opportunities not to be missed.

Whether you’re a food blogger, an influencer, or just looking for the next best thing to put on your Instagram profile, bottomless brunches are the perfect place to be. Tag the restaurant whenever you make a post or story and chances are, you’ll even get a reshare.

Bottomless brunches are a huge tag trend on Instagram right now because of how picture-perfect they are and how many different styles of shots you can take. Join the trend online and get involved!

Or if retro is more your style, take your polaroid! This is the perfect aesthetic situation to get some cute and show-stopping polaroids for your collection.

Who to take to a bottomless brunch?

Bottomless brunches are ideal for anyone because of how versatile and welcoming they are.

Take your group of friends for a day out like no other and share endless drinks over delicious brunch food while you laugh together and talk about old times. Be sure to snap some photos and save those precious memories forever.

Bottomless Brunch: What is it and what's all the hype about? | Yarra River Cruises

Or take your partner for a brunch date, just the two of you. Get some time to yourself away from work, kids, and daily life when you go to a bottomless brunch. Here, you can dress up and feel elegant while you experience a date like never before.

Do you have a birthday coming up? A hen night or stag do? Bottomless brunches are the perfect choice to celebrate in style. Whether you’re looking for an event that oozes elegance and class or somewhere to get messy and let the good times roll, bottomless brunches are the choice for you.

What are the unspoken ‘rules’ of going to a bottomless brunch?

So, you’re all set for your bottomless brunch but you’ve never been before and you’re not quite sure what those pesky unspoken rules are. Look no further.

First of all, you don’t want to plan anything for afterwards. No matter what you think your tolerance is or how much faith you have in yourself, don’t give yourself any extra stress after you’ve just spent several hours unwinding with a delicious brunch.

Next, you want to arrive early. Bottomless brunch hosts are strict on the rules when it comes to timings and you don’t want to miss your booking. Get there 5-10 minutes before just in case and usually, they’ll have somewhere you can wait comfortably inside.

Finally, stay hydrated! There’s nothing worse than feeling terrible after a wonderful day out. Keep your water glass topped up just as much as your cocktail glass so you can make the most of your bottomless brunch.

The new ways to bottomless brunch

Whether you’re new to bottomless brunches or you’re a seasoned pro, you should have a look at the new ways restaurants and businesses are offering bottomless brunches this year.

Enjoy your bottomless brunch while you sit back and relax on a luxury river cruise. Yarra River Cruises offers a premium package including mimosas, tequila sunrise, pina colada, and blue lagoon cocktails as well as beer, cider, and sparkling wine so everyone has something they love. Their boat features a beer garden, a smoking area, and even a floating bar! It’s definitely one for the ‘gram seeing as they offer weekly social media challenges, games, and photoshoots.

Or try out something musical where you can sit back and watch a musical theatre production while you have your bottomless brunch. Events like these can last five hours for songs with an hour for bottomless booze and tasty brunch dishes.

On the other hand, you could try a retro gaming bottomless brunch where you can play all the retro favourites alongside your endless cocktails. With disco brunches, 90s brunches, drag brunches, bashment brunches, and more, there are so many options to try out a brand-new way of doing bottomless brunches.

It’s not too late to hop on the trend. Get yourself and your loved ones to a bottomless brunch today.

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