Bottomless brunches are a craze sweeping Australia right now and it seems to be just about the only thing Millennials and Gen-Zers can agree on. Not only is this a world where day drinking is okay, but it is encouraged. Sip on some cocktails and prosecco with your best buddies, your partner, or even your colleagues! There are few better bonding experiences than a chance to eat some fantastic brunch food and enjoy your favourite alcoholic beverage in the late morning sunshine. Perhaps some may think it’s a little excessive, but the thousands of Instagrammers hopping on this trend speak otherwise. Not only is it a brilliant day out but it’s unpredictable and outgoing, something we could all use a bit more of after lockdown! It’s not just about the food and the drinks, it’s about sitting in a restaurant in the sunlight, sharing a wonderful moment with the people

If you look at a list of the best things to do in Melbourne, sooner rather than later you’ll come across the Yarra River. It was previously known by indigenous Australians in the Boonwurrung language as ‘Yarro-yarro’, which can be loosely translated to mean ‘ever-flowing’. In 2021, not much has changed, except for the fact that the Yarra now offers a myriad of fun activities for you to try! With this in mind, here’s our pick of 11 fun things to do on the Yarra. 1. Cruising Taking a cruise on the Yarra is one of the best ways to enjoy its majestic waters. Its banks are wider than a canal, so there’s always a number of boats on the water at any given time. When you book with Yarra River Cruises, you can even enjoy a bottomless brunch! Simply sit back and relax as you cruise along under the