13 unique things to do in Melbourne CBD

Unique Things To Do In Melbourne CBD | Yarra River

13 unique things to do in Melbourne CBD

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most diverse and exciting cities. There is no shortage of things to do here, including world-class shopping, eating and going to the theatre. But what if you are looking for something a little different?

Well, Melbourne has you covered there as well. In this guide, we’ll showcase 13 weird and wonderful things to do in Melbourne. There is something here for everyone, from the macabre to the coffee nerd.


1. A punt tour in the Botanical Gardens lake

The Botanical Gardens are one of Melbourne’s most popular attractions, but few people, even Melbourne natives, have enjoyed these stunning gardens from the comfort of their own gondola. Botanical Lake punts last an hour and are the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the gardens at a leisurely pace.


Unique Things To Do In Melbourne CBD | Yarra River


2. A tour of the Western Water treatment plant

A tour of a water treatment plant is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this tour gives a fascinating insight into how Melbourne’s wastewater is treated. This site processes half of the city’s waste sewage in an environmentally friendly way and doubles as a thriving ecosystem for birds and wildlife.


3. A toilet with a majestic view

While we are on the subject of sewage, why not visit the 35th-floor toilet in the Sofitel on Collins Street? From here you will enjoy stunning views across the east side of the city. And when you’ve finished taking it all in, the hotel bar is just outside, so while you are up there, why not stop for a quick drink?


4. Chapel Street Bazaar

Chapel Street Bazaar is one of the quirkiest bazaars in the city. Here you will find the weird and the wonderful, from funky 60s Austin Powers-style furniture to antique jewellery and retro clothing. It’s all here, but remember to bring your credit card.


5. The Croft Institute

The Croft Institute is a hidden gem in Melbourne’s Chinatown district. This trendy bar is designed to look like an old-school science lab because this is a place for you to experiment with cocktails. The expert bar staff will listen to your desires before creating a cocktail designed specifically to tantalise your tastebuds.


6. 2-hour bottomless cocktail cruise

There is no better way to explore the beautiful city of Melbourne than taking a luxury cocktail cruise down the Yarra River. This cruise lasts for two hours and allows guests to indulge in some of Melbourne’s signature cocktails from the comfort of the floating bar. This is the perfect activity for a group of friends looking for a fun relaxing evening.


7. The Escape Room

In need of some mental exercise? Then pay a visit to Australia’s first live puzzle game room. Each session lasts for 70 minutes, during which time you’ll be locked in a room with up to five of your friends and have to solve puzzles in order to escape. This is great fun and you’ll learn a thing or two about yourself and your friends along the way.


8. Make coffee at the Sensory Lab

Melbourne is famous for its coffee, but to become a true coffee nerd, you really need to learn how to make it for yourself. The Sensory Lab offers coffee-making classes that include various brewing methods and taste tests. A visit here is sure to take your coffee-making skills to the next level.


9. A tour of St Kilda’s Cemetery

A little macabre for some, but if you enjoy history, a tour of St Kilda’s Cemetery could be right up your street. The guided tour lasts 2.5 hours and visits the graves of Melbourne’s great and good, including Pattie Deakin, Baron Von Mueller, Albert Jacka, Tilly Aston and Madame Brussels.


10. Check out the city’s amazing street art

Melbourne is home to some stunning street art, with many of the best artworks hidden away down lanes and in arcades. So why not discover the best street art the city has to offer by taking a guided tour run by the street artists themselves? Tours last around 2 hours and cover a wide range of styles and artwork.


11. Learn about Victoria’s convict past at Old Melbourne Gaol

Old Melbourne Gaol played host to some of Melbourne’s most infamous criminals for centuries, including Ned Kelly. But now the jail lays empty… or does it? Rumour has it the ghosts of several prisoners still stalk the landings. You can see for yourself by taking the Ghosts of Old Melbourne Gaol Tour.


12. Take a ride on a vintage wooden roller coaster

Ever wondered where the world’s oldest continually operating roller coaster is? Well, it’s right here in Melbourne’s Luna Park. This relic of a bygone era has been serving up thrills for 109 years and shows no sign of stopping. It’s perhaps not as scary as some of the latest rides, but what it lacks in thrills it more than makes up for with charm.


13. Learn how things work at Scienceworks

A visit to Scienceworks is a must for any tech nerd or those with a curious mind. The museum is home to an exciting array of hands-on exhibits that allow visitors to understand the nitty-gritty of technologies they use every day. Young scientists can explore how lightning works, budding botanists can explore the planetarium and wannabe astronauts can take a trip to the moon.

As you can see, Melbourne offers something for everyone, so if you find yourself at a loose end one day, or if you are looking for something a little different to do with your mates, why not book a cocktail cruise down the Yarra river or check in to Old Melbourne Gaol for some ghost hunting?

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